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Shirt update!

...You didn't even know there was a shirt, much less be excited about an update for it. However! I knew! And I'm excited! And that's all that matters! !!!

So I was totally up in my geekery the other day and in the Global Agenda store (oh yes, I know) and looking at everything. I was all kinda mneh about it 'cause I'd gone through it before and nothing had really appealed. And then! I noticed there was a custom setting! Eee! Building my own shirt!

...It cost so much. I've never paid that much for a tank top ever. BUT I DON'T CARE (yet). It is mine and for me and makes me giddy in ways that nobody else is going to understand. :) It hasn't come yet, but I checked the status today and it's finished and shipped and... hee!

In other news, got my order from Fyrinnae. I was an idiot and double clicked the pay-for-order button (step one in duuuuumb) and when I contacted them about it, they got in contact with me immediately and refunded my accidental second order. Awesome~! And the colors! Oh they're so beautiful and came with a free sample and did I mention eee Pixie Epoxy? GAWJUSS.

Seriously, all of this almost makes up for the fact that school bitch-smacked me with a phone book stacking on several projects all on the same day (one of which already has a late penalty of 10%) and giving me a partner who doesn't do shit. On the upside, my program is no longer undeclared and I'm no longer mistakenly listed as a co-op student and am gonna graduate with the class next June. :)

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