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So in the course of trying to figure out why LJ updates was failing so hard....

I found out that it was not, in fact, LJ updates (which I suspected anyway) but rather Yahoo's spam filters kicking it into high gear and filtering... well, everyone. Including myself. Yes, emails that I send to myself and which it checks for viruses before sending are sent straight to spam. I don't even have the words.

Either way, hopefully that is fixed. Maybe. Erm.

In update-like news, schoolwork is getting down to term paper due dates and presentation deadlines. Steph is a little behind on all these things and had to enlist the help of the boyfriend in completing the last one. Steph is terrified. So far, my GPA is still safe. The world is not yet so looming and terrifying a place as to keep me from functioning.


Because I can't simply let it go... the internet went down at my house last night. FOR HOURS. And my dad simply wouldn't call tech support so that this could be remedied. HOURS! WITHOUT INTERNET. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was so angry and frustrated I felt like punching babies in the face. D:

And then! My phone stopped working. I received three texts in a row all time stamped several hours before with about an hour in between each. And then the ones I sent couldn't be sent even though apparently they did. It's like MSN all over again BUT ON MY PHONE.

Why. Why does technology hate me so when I have given my soul to it? ;o;

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