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So I finally picked up my glasses yesterday, marking the last time I'm covered under my dad's benefits plan. No more free designer frames for Steph. It's the end of an era. ;p

My vision hasn't gotten steadily worse over the past few years, thank goodness (well, it has, but by negligible degrees apparently). No more threats of going blind by 18. So my current glasses should last me a reasonably long while. Which is good. I like them.

So I got sunglasses, ones that are the right prescription and hopefully won't give me headaches. They're okay looking and nothing special, particularly in comparison with my Ralph frames, but they're functional and thus what I need.

Besides, I also got contacts. This conversation pretty much illustrates the extent of my glee.

[09/02/2011 1:30:23 PM] Stephanie: heaven knows what contacts!Steph will look like :O
[09/02/2011 1:30:37 PM] Jordan: kinda like what steph would look like without glasses :P
[09/02/2011 1:30:56 PM] Stephanie: I haven't been able to see what I look like without glasses in a long time ;p

Not that I believe I look very good without glasses. They're like a part of my face now. Whenever Vicki wears hers, I always think she's been sleeping because that's the only time I ever saw her without hers.

But it also means I get to wear shiny cheapo non-prescription sunglasses now and again. Happy happy happy face!


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