December 4th, 2003




So... I have found out I like those strawberry yogurt/granola bars. There was really no other story beyond that, besides I ate one, and it was good.

And then there was another of our famous rows at my house today... dear god I wished I'd allowed myself to be coerced into going off to my cousin's University to find very hot, very smashed college guys. Because everyone knows that guys who are smashed are the funniest guys of all to point and laugh at. Then when they're sober, you can start drooling.

But still... I am the oddest sort of girl. I get mad... and my first instinct is to pummel something. Then, once I'm done fuming in silence (because outbursts are strictly forbidden in the house--not to mention in the public), I clean my room.

*blink blink*

And now my room is empty... completely empty, except for scattered pieces of furniture, bed, and clothing.

*shakes head* *stares around at her room which is sadly naked without anything in it* *continues to fume silently as she mashes the keyboard with each and every letter that she types into her LJ* Stupid, stupid spoiled little brat of a sister. Stupid, stupid father who adores little brat of a sister.