January 5th, 2004


I'm working on my World Religions Essay, I swear!

No... no I'm really not. Working at this point seems to be one big blank spot in my brain which I periodically look into and, mutter, "Naaahh" and go off to find something else to amuse me. Sadly, such things are limited, seeing as my TV and PS2 are gone, banished to the dust and the filth and the disgusting insects of the basement, my anime has been confisticated by my sister, and there's only so fast I can download.

Then of course, I find myself faced with the idea that I just might fail my World Religions essay (worth 15% I might add to anyone in particular) and go back to staring at the short story and that Katha Upanishad. That takes up about two minutes of my time before my mind has wandered off to wonder if there are still any Potstickers in the freezer and I go off to investigate. Having been kicked out of the kitchen for attempting to make food after dinner is over, I return to stare at the computer screen. Then I proceed to see a pencil crayon just lying there, and it's one of my favorite colors, so obviously I pick it up. Then, inevitably, out comes the piece of blank paper and the drawing.

Granted, without an eraser, the drawing doesn't really become anything more than a sketch, but....


And... now I should get back to that essay.

*glares upwards* All right, fuck it.


Go there and see it. That is what happens when you place interesting objects before me.