February 9th, 2004



You know, I have had this sudden idea that being a parent is really hard. Now, obviously I've taken note of this before, heaven knows plenty of adults tell me this day in day out about how we've got all the breaks as kids. Well being told this, and noticing this, really noticing this is a bit different. I mean, my idea of childhood is a complete and utter selfishness. Only in the later years do we really begin to think of someone other than ourselves. Or so I seem to think tonight. I don't know. I believe Mr. Skilleter's prodding for me to be a bit more thoughtful has actually accomplished something.

Anyway, I was just watching my mother this morning. She drove herself ragged getting up early to make up the entire families' lunches, (and other morning stuff she does but doesn't really reveal to the rest of us), then driving my dad to work, us to the orthodontists', to EJ, to OT, back home, out again for grocery shopping... and for all this, she's still thoughtful enough to think of packing us a small breakfast for after our appointment is finished. I love my mother. For all the craziness and the overprotectiveness, we've got a pretty good mother-daughter relationship.

My dad too. I mean, it takes a while for me to get used to the idea that he's only trying to help... and for my benefit too. I mean, I've come near hating him when he tears me away from whatever I'm doing at the time (be it gaming, fanficcing, reading, actual homework, whatever), sit me down, and order me to do Math (or Physics, or Chemistry). I mean, my logic's sound... most of the time. I've already worked, I am working, I've got other things to do... but he'll make me anyway. And it's nice to see them both so incredibly happy about a report card that, to me, wasn't especially great. I can't say I've got the best relationship with my father. The closest I could say is, is that it's on-off. Once in awhile we're perfectly fine with each other, and the next we're at each other's throats, he pulls rank, which doesn't really earn him much respect at that point in time, but... I think it's more because of the fact that he and I are more alike than my mother and I ever will be. That's kind of scary in its own little way.

Erg. Heh, and I was going to do Mike's list. *ponders* *shrugs* I think I will.

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