February 12th, 2004


Yet another meme

Your Bishonen Slaves(one may preform various roles) by DS2020
Favorite tool for discipline
Sex SlaveVash the Stampede
CookMomiji Sohma
HousekeeperWufei Chang
ChauffeurDuo Maxwell
MassuseTrowa Barton
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Heh, not altogether too bad... no, no I've really got nothing better to do with my time. Still, NemKess and her memes. I had to do it. Momiji made me. (Yes, the bunny...)

Still glaring at my attempts to download/work Ragnarok Online... I wanna play!! But noo... it had to be in Korean. And now I'm missing my personal walkthrough a.k.a. cousin. *glares at Reget*