April 21st, 2004


Revelation (yes, I'm listening to SMILE)

I am a J-Rock fangirl.


Yes, I know you all know. But! the fact is that I have apparently been in denial of it insofar as how really obsessed I am about J-rock. Or so some people say.

In any case, those people are the ones who like to lurk around my LJ and never comment, then pop up on MSN and say, "What, no L'Arc posts today, love?" Well... *bleauhh!!!* (Me: *makes very childish face: tongue out, fingers waggling on either side of head---yes I'm a dork ^_^)

So! Update, update! on things I've been doing. Well, I'm currently in the running for the Special Kei caption contest! ^_^ I have no doubt that I'm probably not going to win... but eh.

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And! I've also made an entry to the Hyde Fanbook Project. ^_^ You can see the book here: http://www.no-blue-sky.net/fanbook/
I'm page 34.

And! my Laruku cds are here! Well... kind of. They're currently being hoarded over at Paul's, which means I'd have to travel to Toronto to get them. Or wait until he comes to visit, which won't be for another... two weeks? *shakes head* ...I want them...

Also, an update on the Dutch National Poll that I've been constantly harping about. HYDE is now 45, and Gackt is now 22! Muahaha... take that DiCaprio and Boreanez and all you other ugly wankers! (No, no there really wasn't another word for them ^^;;)

And now I'm done... wait, no, scratch that, no I'm not. I made a signature banner thing. It's um, well, bad. But! I made it, and I made it entirely in Paint. So let me have my little moment of pride.

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