June 9th, 2004


^^;; More J-rock fanfic

Yes, a new one. Beautiful Dreamer is getting done. But I had to do this for Aya and now I have. It's short. This is also the first part since I'm not at home. But once I get there, finish up the smut scene.... kikikiki.... that's so getting posted.

'Tis NC-17. Even though I'm not legally seventeen. *shrug* 19 more days. Convict me on a technicality.

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On an unrelated topic... Aidan just asked me to his prom. The jerk. Actually, technically he asked me last night. But I was busy being self-absorbed about imminent failure on tests and summatives I completely forgot. I'm a good person, I swear. ~.~;;

If he's sick of his girlfriend, perhaps it's not the best thing to go hitting on her best friend. *points to self for clarification* How many ways can I tell that girl to dump his sorry ass?

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