June 21st, 2004


I blame Ally!! Er... no I don't. I just have nothing to do.

The little quiz Ally posted. I had to do it. I know, I'm bored. ^^;;

1. What color socks are you wearing?
A beautiful shade of nothing.
2. Do you have a fetish?
Mmm... can't think of anything specific...
3. Are you ticklish?
4. What was your first word?
我愛你 Yes, I really did. Hopeless romantic from the beginning I think... ^^;;
5. Do you know what your first name means?
Crowned. Or daughter of the devil, whichever one floats your boat.
6. What are you terrified of?
The dark. Yes I am.
7. Who are the coolest people, besides yourself?
People I associate with. *shrug* I like people.
8. What does your OD name mean?
I'm a mimic. It's entirely unintentional, but I mimic those who I respect, like. Mimic, mirror, whatever. That's me.
9. Are you a strong person (emotional)?
Emotionally am I strong? Sure, I care about something, I care about something.
10. If people made fun of you because of the way you looked, would you change it?
Now? No. In the past? Definitely. I don't care enough to anymore. I like me the way I am.
11. Do you think Kermit and Miss Piggy had a stable relationship?
Hrmm... stable, as in they haven't killed each other off yet. I call this a plus...
12. Britney...real or fake?
Real. *shrug* I'm naive, I know. And optimistic. Crazy.
13. What do you think of when you hear Christina Aguilera?
14. Do you look like your mom or your dad?
Some people say my mom, some people say my dad. So I couldn't say.
15. Do you like people who always copy you?
*nods* If my sister is any example. And I adore her.
16. Illegally drove a car?

17. Smoked?
Yes--wait, no, that doesn't count.
18. Drank?
19. Filled out a stupid survey?
Yes. And recieved money for it in fact.
20. Fallen asleep in class?
21. Gone to jail/juvenile?
Yes. Wait, no that doesn't count either. I came close to it.
22. Been in the hospital?
Definitely. Comes with being a crazily bad little kid. *shakes head at self* God I was a little idiot.
23. Made your parents turn the car around on a trip?
Yes. Was not a good day.
24. Ate sushi?
25. Asked out a loser?
Yes. Well, at least I thought he was after. I didn't think he was that bad at the time. Does that count?
26. Been asked out by a loser?
Yes. He hit me. Then again, I hit him first. So I suppose that has to count for something.
27. Liked a loser?
28. Run away?
Yes. But I was on foot and they had a car.
29. Climbed out the window?
30. Given someone the finger?
31. Talked back to a teacher?
32. Talked back to your parents?
33. Gotten lost on vacation?
Definitely. Directions and Steph don't mix.
34. Been to a foreign country?
Is America foreign? No? Then... no.
35. Been online past midnight?
36. Gotten drunk?
Yes. Never again. Especially not around college boys. >.<
37. Been completely confused about something that is so simple?
Every single day.
38. Given money to a bum?
39. Named your goldfish?
Yes. If you count it as mine.
40. Gotten in a car accident?
Yes. Not my fault however. I was nowhere near the driver's seat.
42. Got high?
On life. Always.
43. Bungee jumped?
Not yet.
44. Went movie hopping?
45. Broke a law?
46. Ran from the cops?
....It was a really bad visit to college.
47. Stole something?
49. Made yourself throw up?
Only when I was sick. I have more self-respect than that.
50. Starved yourself?
I went without lunch today. But that was only because I wasn't hungry. So... no. Again. More self-respect than that.
51. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?
Yeah. Then again, I was really stressed then. So it was easy. But... yes.
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I want to fly, waiting for sunrise...

I wanted wings. And now, thanks to two hours of lying down, a talented sister who paid more attention to drawing on my back than to the movie, I have them. I adore. If only they would last.

To save people's layouts, because they're really quite big.

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While you're at it, you may also meet my bathroom.
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