July 18th, 2004


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Noooo!! My scanner's not working!! Why?! Why?!

In any case, I went driving, killed no one (although that bird came abominably close since it was too busy eating... >.<) and... did quite well. I hit nothing, anyway. ^^;;

I also asked if there was more jogging to do on the horizon... and my father said "We're going to take a break."

...We went jogging once. For... half an hour, max. How in any way is not-going the next day a "break" instead of "giving up" or "I'm too lazy"?

oO I don't understand men. I really don't. Least of all my father.

I'm going to return things that I can actually comprehend. *goes off to write fanfic, seeing as I'm done calculus for the night*

*blasts Aaron Kwok while I'm at it* (Don't mock. He was the man I planned to marry when I was growing up. I've since moved on to Hyde, but a girl can't entirely forget several years' worth of obsession just like that, ne? ^^;;)
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