August 2nd, 2004



^_^ All right people, I'm back!

Otakon. Was. Fabulous.

Absolutely fabulous.

The concert was fabulous. I could die happy.

And! Because I'm so nice to you all, once I get them off my camcorder... I've got a present for all of you. ^_~

Anyway. You knew it was coming.

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Illegal? Me? *innocent look* Nahhhhh....

Well... here it is. Hot, Laruku goodness. *hugs you all* Yes, this was more for your benefit than mine. Actually. I know... unselfishness about L'arc! Coming from a fangirl! ^_^


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Edit: *looks back* oO Photobucket ate my pictures! *cringes* Find me on MSN or give your email and I'll send you the nicer ones if you're not satisfied with these ones. And after my shower, I plan to post on Pieces.
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