August 10th, 2004


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What do you mean Pieces does not exist at the moment?!

*jabs Refresh hopefully for several whole minutes trying to see something different*

*nothing happens*

*hides away and looks shifty-eyed for somewhere else to fulfill daily dose of L'arcdom*

^^;;; Am not obsessive, no not Steph.... ^^;;;

Precious, precious LJ... do not fail me now again as you did before...! *hugs it*
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*wails* Pieces is dead (and will be revived but for now I can continue to wail because for now it is quite dead). So... I have been wandering around LJ like a lost little rabbit trying to find something... when I found out what it is, I'll be sure to tell you.

And now fanfic. Because I like to post it (revising it as I do so, always) and because I usually have not much else to put in this LJ. ^^;;

Warning: NC-17

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And beyond that... with some luck, I hope to have my video file on my computer tonight. *falls on floor in front of Mari's feet* Bless this goddess of wisdom.
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