August 11th, 2004




Thank you Mari. Thank you thank you thank you. Yes my father can be quite fanatical.

But... that might drown out that other small wonderful detail. I have my L'arc video. It's horrible. I nearly had an epileptic fit watching it (and I do not in any way shape or form have epilepsy otherwise I would have died long ago) because I cannot. keep. my. hands. steady. No, not Concert!Steph. She is busy waving her hands around (therefore also waving around camcorder which doesn't take well to being waved around) and jumping up and down and not looking at what she is filming so when her hands are steady, you get a wonderful view of boy's hair, or lights, or the beams. But no, never the band, not unless Steph is actually looking through camera.

And so... yeah, that was it. No, can't upload anywhere just yet because that would involve sending it to other people first and it's a big file and I am going to bed and... yeah.

And a correction on previous post. I did in fact catch one MC. Hyde's. Yes. Craps. *dies*
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