August 19th, 2004


*shuffles around in the nice little jacket with lots and lots of straps*

Hmmm... nothing much really to say... ^^;; Just wanted to showcase the fact that I snooped around the gacktxhyde community and took some. *pets* And... I like them. If only I had a paid account. I would have more than three. ;_;

Buuut.... it's raining outside. Lots and lots of pretty rain. Oh wait, no it's not it stopped raining. oO When did it stop raining? I was quite sure I was staring at a wall of rain just two seconds ago... @.@ This is confusing. Time should work better.

Steph is really really hyper today. Probably will lead to senseless post as well as more random and useless comments in your own LJs. Be afraid. Be very very afraid. Steph has jelly tomatoes. No no jelly beans. Jelly tomatoes. This is what conversation with one hyper Steph, one condescending sister, and one confused mother comes out with.

Are you sure it's not still raining outside? I could've sworn...

In any case, I want to post my fanfic. But not really. Because I haven't really finished enough of it to post, and therefore make it entirely useless to post stuff... so... will wait. Yes. Is good plan.

And... Mari!!! You and your crazy fanfic! I am dead! Dead you hear?! *Ghost!Steph waves ghost arms at you* And now I am on my floor laughing still. And my chair is allllllllll the way up there. However did I get from point A to point B?

Now. To sum up today's wonderful little Soulseek chat...

- Tali, beloved wife that she is left me (;_;) for Goryu... and then she tells me that the baby is not mine?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

- I run off with cocoa-chan

- Tali leaves, has not actually left me as long as I write her fic

- Rain-chan appeared quite amused by said antics and also passed comment on the affairs

Hmmm... and... I think that's enough Steph-blabber for today...
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Steph posts... again. Damn I'm doing good. ^^

Steph went to bed last night and she fell asleep and she dreamed. I thought I'd just put it down now because it was special (or odd, whichever way you look at it) for two reasons: the first being I remembered it when I woke up, and the second being it was the first I ever had involving L'arc.

....Yes I know. I'm odd. And a dork. But yes. It was special to me. So anyway. I'm going to put it down before time can erase it from me.

Honestly I wasn't going to. But as most of you should know... I really can't trust my memory. >.< But... I read Rain-chan's post... and my jaw dropped. Because... well... you'll see.

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