August 27th, 2004



^_^ Your wonderful mirroredsakura-chan is off to a week's worth of travelling around America. So... unless by some miracle I am granted Internet access, I will be bereft of all of you for a good many days. ;_;

Anyway, plans for Steph!

1st stop: Chicago, if I can, I'll stop by to stalk Aya and take pictures of Aki if I see him (except of course, you don't know I'm doing that... >.> <.<)

2nd stop: Uh... St. Louis. Much swimming around the hotel pool and other miscellaneous ways of occupying myself as father is in business meeting. Mmmm... swimming... I haven't swum in a long time. I mean really swim, with the whole routine and workout like I used to. Siiiiggghhh....

3rd stop: Cleveland. Picking up stuff hopefully, dropping off stuff too (including a goodly amount of leather which was left behind at my house) and I wonder if I will ever get my anime back...

And... then back home. Of course I'm missing other things. Namely the key places that I'm going in between those three places. But they have to be connected somehow, and I doubt they're within a day's drive from each other so... I've got a bit of a car ride ahead of me. >.< If I could drive some of it, it'd be better. But.... no....

Ugh, I think I'll have to deal with my Gackt and Ayumi DVDs (I only having a portable DVD player and not a laptop, so no anime for me... ;_;)

Although... actually I do have a number of anime DVDs... O.O

Oooh, I take that back, I've got anime plenty. ^_^ But... none of the new stuff I got last night. And... precious little J-rock. ;_; If only I could figure out how to burn DVDs out of .avi files! I know I can! I have just entirely forgotten how!

Hmmm.... it's 10 already. I haven't started packing at all. But I'm horribly tired.

And I was also yelled at by my mother. Sniff. It was not fun.

Tali! I got your letter! Precious, you have the best of timing... it even spreads to the letters you write. ^_^ Thank you, I needed something like that after 24 hours of sleepless zombie-ness and a stern talking-to. ^_^ And once I figure out postage, I will mail you a letter. It will be long. Because I say so. It'll also probably be messy because I plan to write it in the car, and I am not an experienced writer-in-car--er.

But... yeah. Packing. Should get to that. ^^;;;