September 3rd, 2004




*laughs maniacally* I have come to the conclusion that I am very much obsessed with my computer and my life online. ^^;;; I'm at Sibyl's now! Yes, yes I am. Which means I can use her computer.

It's my last night in America! ^__________^ That's right, I'm coming home!!! *dances around happily*

*snaps fingers* Oh yes. *pouts* America appears to be lacking in the fetish stores... or at least at the places I went to anyway when in search of them. ;_; I haven't yet been able to buy my present for Sven's birthday. Sigh. Happy birthday anyway. ^^;;

>.> <.< >.> Wait... did I just say fetish store? Ahahahahaa.... I meant.... uh... Yeah okay, boyfriend o' mine you lurk around my LJ more than anyone else. You know what you're getting for your birthday. You can assuage the questions that are bound to pop up from other people for me.

I miss you guys. I'm coming home. ^_^

....It's a good thing too. I feel almost... American... o.O Too much watching of the news while doing nothing in hotel rooms... watching the GOP fiascos and the Bush convention... >.< Someone stop me. I'm actually thinking of voting for him. ...Never mind the fact that I'm not American, nor am I... 18? 21? Is that the age you have to be in America? ^^;;; I forgot. But yeah. oO Creepy...
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