January 16th, 2005



LJ is back. Finally. *hugs it*

And... it's 5 in the morning. I haven't been to bed yet. Am I dead yet? I think so. I didn't go to bed last night either. Got a few hours once daylight hit. Ugh, not good for the Steph-system... she requires sleep to run.

And... horrible news! Mana got dirty!!!! *wails*

But... that's okay, it was easily fixed. The face got a little smudged up (permanently, unfortunately) but I don't think people will notice unless they look too closely...

I am still in a predicament. I have almost finished Mana. I'm hoping to be done in a couple more hours.

Sephiroth is half-done. I hope to finish him with the next few... days? *shrugs hopelessly*

Cosplayers... yeah, that painting has to be finished somehow. It just cements how much I do not know how to use oils. And yet... it's an oil painting. A crappy, half-finished oil painting.

So.... that's three. I'm starting a new canvas, I think. Hyde. (Oh don't roll your eyes at me, missie!) Probably. I have an idea of which picture I want to use. But that hasn't even been started. Canvas isn't even out of its plastic wrap yet.

And... last work of art? Nothing I can come up with. If push comes to shove, I'll make a silkscreen of Hydeist shirts and lay them out, possibly with something... barbed-wirey or stuff. Or stuff. I'm allowed to be a dork.

...No, that's not a work of art, that's decoration. I can't think. My brain shut down sometime between 2 and 4 in the morning. *falls asleep on you all*
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