January 23rd, 2005



I... am dying. Dying, I tell you.

It's 3:30 in the bloody morning and I'm... apparently extremely British. o.O I think I've grown used enough to that term being used with me, that I have decided it's synonymous for Tired!Steph or Frustrated!Steph.

Well... I am. Kinda. Who wouldn't be? I remind you again, that it 3 in the bloody morning and I have not had a proper night's sleep in nearly a month. Not since Christmas vacation ended, that's for sure.

Whatever possessed me to decide I wanted to paint AC Sephiroth with those... cubey/otagoney things all over his side? It's taking me bloody forever, and I've gotten so tired and lazy, it shows. New painting style altogether of paint goes *splat*, brush goes *smushsmush*, me goes *moves on*

=.= I want to be playing FFI and FFII. I downloaded the rom today for the GBA game. One of the few in the pack that was in English. Or sleeping. Sleep is good. I'm getting sleepy.

Or am sleepy? Was I already sleepy?

Wait, did I just drink watercolor paint instead of water?

...No, pretty sure that was just water...

Nya.. right. Back to work.

*whines* I'm supposed to get Sephiroth finished before morning. How the hell can i do it? It's been almost two hours, and I've painted a hand-sized portion of his arm. Damned cubey things. Make my life more difficult...

It doesn't look bad anyway. There's something. ^^;;
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