March 23rd, 2005



Point of interest to those who aren't on Pieces and... haven't seen this clip. ^^;;

It's from the Kagen no Tsuki Platinum box.

Other Side of the Moon

And also, from _niji over at Pieces, is the translation! ...Kinda. ^_^;;
hmm... I can't translate word for word, but basically in the clip hyde's saying that it was a real drag that he couldn't be there in Osaka for the premiere of Last Quarter and he really wanted to be there. He also said he'd been thinking about going to the premiere naked and that it was too bad for everyone there that they wouldn't get to see. And that he wanted to eat Takoyaki.

The reason he's saying the thing about the typhoons (taifuu no bakayarou) is that they couldn't make the premiere because of the typhoons... none of the planes or shinkansen were running so they couldn't make it out there. He wanted everyone at the premiere to say it with him, "taifuu no bakayarou!" and they weren't doing a very good job so he made them say it until they got it right.

Also... New World PV apparently came out yesterday? When oh when will someone find and upload for me? *is hopeful*