April 3rd, 2005



Bah. My Metallica downloads aren't finishing. One's stuck at 99.5% and the other at 84%. *whine*

o.O Y'know, even when I don't have upcoming tests, Steph is still unable to go on MSN and AIM and talk with people. *is sad*

Still need to study. Is anyone else doing the Waterloo math contest with me? ._.;;
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    Noise of Kare Kano ^-^

*is tired*

*snatches moment to post attempted doodling and bits of stuffs for Chris-chan and Tali*

I distinctly recall telling Rain-chan about Collapse )
I am also quite aware that one eye is darker than the other. But I scanned it in already before I noticed and I don't want to wrastle with my programs and my scanner all over again just to fix it...

Then there's the Collapse )
Who has too many teeth for his own good, and his face still needs loads of touching up, but... he's got the workings of a pretty good expression on his face once I get through with it.

Lastly, there's the Collapse )
Sketchier. I didn't want him looking so anime-esque and yet he looked more and more anime-esque every time I tried to change it. o.O I need some sort of reference picture.... but I can't find any offhand! I have to go dig through my Tetsu file and find one. >.<

...Hang this "not being able to come online" business. I'm coming online. People had better be online. ;_;
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