April 5th, 2005


Well, I knew it was going to happen...

I'd come across this before, and promptly avoided it being too lazy to look for pictures. Che. Damned if I'm not bored enough to do it now. If anyone does click the lj-cut, be warned of many pictures (granted enough time) and of both sexes. I'm nothing if not a fake exhibitionist. ;)

If you're allowed to do TEN people, no questions asked, who would they be? REAL people only--no fictional characters, no 'past' people, just people in their current state and looks. Provide pictures, please.

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Phew! That was harder than I'd expected! Rather predictable, that one... Not quite sure I like m'answers. Oh well. Not worth brooding over. Now I've got a comic to draw, and matrices to do.
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