April 6th, 2005



*whines* My neighbors are making bad, bad noises. The I'm-in-the-midst-of-having-loud-rapturous-sex-and-I-don't-give-a-fuck-that-the-windows-are-open kind of bad noises. The source of said noises are next-door neighbors.

And I know full well that that house is populated only by old people and young children. And Ronald. But if he's the one getting laid, I'll commit ritual suicide. I will suffer from more psychological scarring than Gackt-sama himself.

But if it's not him, then it's either his cousin (she's 12!!) or his grandparents. No, Steph-mind, NO. That ways leads to blinding white rooms and tight-fitting jackets with lots of pretty straps. Baaad.

....WHY won't they stooooop? >.<

Closing the window would be a very, very good idea right now to salvage the vestages of the sanity left in the Steph-mind, but it's so goddamned hot in here, I can't bear to have it closed.

[Edit:] RELEASE! I have found a pair of monkey earmuffs. Sweet, sweet, muffled sounds of loud, cleansing Deftones.
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