April 19th, 2005


Where can I run to? Where can I hide?

~_~ Stupid boys are commenting on how big the hard drives on the school computers are. Well now. Guess we'll be missing a few of those soon enough, won't we? Am still working on Hyde.... it's hard. I've done most of the shading on his face and hair, but now he looks... young. He looks adorable, and innocent and squishable. *squishes him*

Mmmm... going home now. Can start learning this unit of Chemistry. o.O Good thing it's a short one. ^^;; I really should start paying attention in class. But that's provided I stop falling asleep. Which probably won't happen. Chemistry is a very good sleeping class. *sigh*


Steph was groped by that creepy creepy Ryan kid today. She also didn't notice this because she was keeping him from nuzzling her neck in the process, until it was a bit late and he'd already left go. :X

Which, I need not add, is very creepy. Especially when random girl who saw comes up to me and tells me it's high time to sanitize my breasts.

...Creepy, creepy school. Why am I still going to you? ~.~;;