April 30th, 2005



There are times when I can look in the mirror and go "Oooh I'm pretty!" Now's kind of one of those times. It's one of those "^-^! My hair is the prettiest hair in the entire world right now!" moments because I rarely make an effort to blow-dry it, or to brush it first before it dries. I also parted it differently so it's all "whooshes around my head"-ey. Haven't taken pictures because camera is not on-hand and my moment of narcissism is not enough to make me hunt for one.

^_^ [/pointlessness]


*stretches* Back from Toronto. Sarah gave me Gackt's Platinum Box V (gave as in I still owe her massing amounts of money ^^;;;) in which I must say that the (coffin-shaped) clock that comes with it is quite beautiful. It runs backwards. Damn I'll never be able to read analog clocks again once I'm through with this one. Still like the fact that it's labeled like so:



I dearly love the man's massive ego.

Feet have also decided that they don't function anymore. But here I am still going to go and peer at the new treadmill we've acquired. I'm going to die. ^-^

Left wallet at home today. That was sure stupid. Had to borrow from sister, and she doesn't like to part with it easily. ^^;; At least this way I still have money in it. I was afraid it had been stolen. This way, I can just credit it to my inherent stupidity and overlooking-of-things-when-racing-to-pacify-annoyed-mother-by-being-ready-as-fast-as-she-can.

Also, damned gash on legs opened and started bleeding while I was walking. That was rather painful. Badness that blood seeped through and looked as if I was on my rag and didn't notice. Oh my did I notice. >.< Oww...

How the hell did I get sliced up so much so high on my thighs anyway? Why don't I ever notice when I do damage to myself?

Oh and I come home to find my desk neatened and clean. Mother so saw Naked!Orgasmic!Ken that I was working on... and with that placement of his hand, I'm pretty sure it's quite obvious that there's supposed to be a penis there... Oh dear.. ^^;;;;;;;;;
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