May 1st, 2005



^-^;;; Um... people who aren't interested in a spew of Steph-garble, keep on scrolling.

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*breathes* Yeah. Pointless blather. Onto better topics of posting. Gackt's Black Stone PV.

...I want that truck.

...Yeah, okay and his hair. I don't know why most of the girls are kicking up such a huge fuss about his hair. I like his hair. Long hair is pretty, especially on pretty men. *shrug*

And I want to make an icon, but I've fiddled with the text for so long and it still doesn't look right and I'm sad. *pout* This is what happens when Steph-who-can't-do-anything-artsy-on-computer tries to do something vaguely artsy on the computer. I'm pathetic. ^-^;;; *shrug* Can only get better, I suppose.
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