May 5th, 2005



I should be studying. I should. Really should. But am?

Not when I've gone and printed off a great stack of both Nemmie and Selah's fanfic that I haven't been able to catch up on. *is very happy* And I've read it through now! Over 200 pages and I've consumed them in four hours. And I want more.

Especially more of Nem's Winter Fall GacktxTetsu goodness (and prima donna Hyde), Selah's Love You More(?)'s bits of Yukitsu, her mishmash of Stargate/Museworld insanity, and all the GacktxKyou craziness that both of that can come up with.

I am very rarely satisfied with what I'm given. Especially if I'm left with a brooding Tetsu, a dying Gackt, a brooding Kyo, and a bouncy Miyavi-pet. *-*

Mouth has started to feel less death-like. I assume this is a good thing. I really do think a visit to the doctor will do me good still. When I'm not running about trying to keep myself from failing, or making a gift for Mum, or making plans for Chem project, studying for Data---okay, maybe after this weekend.

For now--Mali-chan made me my fic-graphic! It's so pretty--makes me want to learn Adobe. But my talents still only lie in cutting and cropping and taking baby steps by following lirimaer's tutorials. This means I will finish my hydexhyde ficlet (well... at least, I guess it can still be considered a ficlet...) Still needs tweaking though. Almost a bit too embarassed to post it right now with all the really good fanfic writers on my f-list (Nem, Selah, bijuarukei, Kagome Angel, Fire Angel, etc.) ^^;;

At least no one can blame me for an odd pairing when Hyde seems to endorse it himself. :)
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