May 7th, 2005



Exerpt from THAT ENTRY. Yes, you know what entry THAT ENTRY is.

...Or, actually, you probably don't. In that case, it's not worth asking about. ^-^

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What was this for?

...Because I have the darned thing and I was going to put it to some use. ~.~;; And since I certainly don't have a dog, myself seemed the second-best option.

Working on Mana. Yes, Mana. Not that Mana. New Mana.
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Computer. Going wonky. MSN doesn't want to let me talk. Windows keeps coming up with a System Error that says "There is an IP address confluct with another system on the network" which is screwing up both my sister's and my own computer. Mostly mine. This. Is. Annoying. *consumes it*

And now I can't download anything. And I want Miyavi's Freedom Fighters. :( *looks hopefully at Sarah and Ryu*)
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