May 8th, 2005



ROENTGEN CAME TODAY!! It's so beautiful in it's limited edition-ness! *gloats over it, and the fact that mother liked it so much she said SHE would pay for it* (And assume ownership, but of course, that part isn't really true)


Random links for... anyone.

Hyde (and Ken?) singing Julia ni Heartbreak on MBHTV:

Hyde covering Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams:

They make me smile.

And the fact that I'm actually getting stuff written on my latest Conglommeration fic. (So dubbed because of it's orgy of pairings o.o;;) Studying? Test tomorrow? What?

And... so.. um... was M. trying to flirt? Because.. um... yeah... *quails and hides behind Mari* What did I do?! Did I even do anything?!

[Edit]: Also if anyone wants as if in a Dream...

Waste not, want not.
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Yes, the old Haitsu

For Caelin because I can't find it when I scroll through my LJ, and don't want to keep scrounging. ^^;; Can't really grouch at you because I can't send it to you when I'm the one that asked you to look over it in the first place I guess. I can grouch over the fact that you don't have an LJ. ~_~;;

Ignore. You've probably all seen it anyway. It's old. ^^;; Kinda.

Musical Interlude

Warning: Sadist!Hyde and Masochist!Tetsu fic and also with a tinge of PWP. NC-17. Technically. Of course, who really listens to the ratings anyway? After all… I’m writing this… and I’ve got a month or so to go before I’m legally 17… ^^ Beware of rather stereotypical plot because really, I haven’t the brain matter necessary to think up plot. This may actually be the closest to one-shot I’ve ever come. It comes in two parts. But since I’m posting both, I think the term one-shot still applies, ne?

Disclaimer: Laruku does not belong to me. They have their real lives, real thoughts, real emotions, and there is nothing I can do to bend them to my will in said cursed real life as it is possible to do through the realm of fanfiction. And so I shamelessly take their characters, and use them in the construction of my own twisted fantasy world. It’s better this way.


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(This is the bit I like the least...)
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Last post from me this day, I swear. >.<;;;
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