May 11th, 2005



Day's been going good so far. Ran out of the house this morning with a large piece of bread stuffed into my maw á la Usagi-chan. Insofar as it was some sort of small loaf rather than a piece of toast, but considering the speed with which I obtained said lump of bread and ran out of my house, I think it still qualifies.

Second period heralded the new Jyojoushi PV. Gorgeous. Stupid young'uns behind me however, continued to make stupid comments. You'd think the lot of them had never seen a naked woman before. Godsall. And they're in the 9th art class. Never looked in the textbook, I imagine.

Last heralded Steph's re-introduction to the wonders of matte finishing. Hurrah for no more pencil smudging everywhere.

The rest heralded more catnaps. Not worth mentioning.

*goes back to cleaning up the house* Seeing as I feel oddly domestic today, might as well take advantage of it by having a clean house. M'sure Mum's tired enough as is to do it herself.

[Edit]: Hehe. Failed to mention Ms. Eadie's asking me to give up some of my artworks for auction as a fundraiser for the school. Nya, I don't think I have any actually good works that I can submit for her, except the ones I actually put my whole heart into finishing and making them good, which I never want to part with. They're not the best, but they're mine. Might offer some of the better graphite portraits though... it's not like I'm getting any money for them, nor is the money going to be of any good use to the school I think. They'll just squander it in more pretty electronics for people to steal.

Besides. Even if I did... who'd want to bid on Mana? He's not exactly something you want to hang up in your living room and go "Ooooh~" over, around here. ^-^ Mum hates him. Relocated him to the basement until I found out and brought him to preside over my bedchamber alongside Hyde.
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Was cleaning my room. A thorough cleaning. It needed one.

Found all the old stuff. Sketchbooks, bits of scribbled stories, old diaries... and that. Still in its own little box at the very top of my closet that I used to have to climb up the boxes in order to reach.

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If anyone did read that, I left this entry Public because just on the off-chance Mari or Meagan or Sarah, etc. (okay... maybe not Sarah ^^;;) happen to see me tomorrow, and I happen to arbitrarily forget and burst into tears or something (as unlikely as it is) they'll know why and (I hope) not worry about me.
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