May 18th, 2005



Going to Guelph on Monday. Not this Monday. Nor even the Monday after that. Wait. Yes it is the Monday after that. How am I supposed to remember that? @.@;;

Anyway. I hope Sara will be in some sort of shape to take me around... I've forgotten which dorms I'm not supposed to sign up for. I only remember "DON'T STAY IN THAT ONE! *point to the twisty-building*" I don't even know what THAT one is anymore.

It appears father has not given up on forcing me anywhere but U of T downtown. *sigh* Oh well. I will know people, if I go to Guelph. I just won't be around to pull Sarah and Caelin out of their wacky first-year adventures and pester them to go to class. (As a sidenote: Sarah, you are, under no circumstances, allowed to sell your kidneys on the black market.)

But yes. Guelph. Hopefully mentioning that here will help me remember if I ever go scrolling down my LJ page. Because everyone knows I'm horrid at keeping track of things. Especially lately. *cringes*

Guelph. GuelphGuelphGuelphGuelphGuelph.

...That should do it. *smooshes off to color in more Mana/tape more posters/banners together*

(Pssst... the HydexHyde one from a while ago is very life-size (albeit cut off at the end ~.~;;) and very nice. Because there are two of them. Can't be better. Unless it be in color.)