May 21st, 2005


Zaratha zarati

Stolen from a lirimaer because Steph likes music and she sure isn't able to do anything else today. ~.~;;

Anyway, when you read this, I want you to take the song that is playing on your playlist at this very moment and send it to mirroredsakura @ via YouSendIt. Once you do that, post the meme in your journal and I will reciprocate quite gladly. Let us declare this MusicWhore day.

So heed and obey! Goooo~!!!

[EDIT]: Yes I was a dork and forgot to put my own email. It is changed now. ^^;;;
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I'm restless and I'm slightly despondent, and Pieces refuses to function on the very day I actually want to read the thread that Ryu-chan brought my attention to. (This then led to my head connecting with the desk at my own ignorant dorkiness, but that's besides the point...!)

So, because I was listening to this song, and singing along (and sniffling because I'm sick damn it, and I dislike being sick!), I decided that other people should listen/watch it too. (Watch, because I don't have the MP3--and if anyone did could someone send it to me? Please, thank you, much love.)

Andy Lau and Kelly Chen - Wo Bu Gou Ai Ni

Collapse )

I hope that someone will like the song. It's pretty.


Malice Mizer - Societe de Parente Show
Anyone want?

I would also like to point out that I may be a greedy little brat, but I am not selfish, nor am I self-centered. I just wish I could say the same about my little sister. I don't think she (or anyone else in this house) realizes just how often she makes me cry. Over the littlest things. The littlest, littlest things. >.< I'm such a stupid idiot to care so much sometimes. ;p

*twirls* SOMEONE had better reply and tell me what they thought of the song otherewise I'll be a very, very sad little kitten!
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