May 24th, 2005



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Also. The lights flickered today. While I was in the bathtub. THREE TIMES!!!!!

>.< My heart nearly stopped and I leaped out of the bathtub, wrenched the door open, and collapsed in the hallway completely scared out of my wits. No, none of the students saw me curled up on the carpet dripping wet and completely naked. But I don't think I would have noticed if there were. >.< I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I am deathly afraid of being in a bathtub/shower when the lights are out. I simply can't do it. I don't know why.

So if ANYONE tries to be funny and turns off the lights in the bathroom while I'm showering at AN, I will not be sane once I come out. Hotel bathrooms scare me even more. However if anyone does do it, I swear I will personally rip apart said person limb from individual limb. And it will not be pretty. Terrified!Steph is one scary little bugger.

On a less-terrified but still quite nervous note... THAT'S FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL MY PANEL!! And my personal debut of making an ass of myself singing in another language with (probably) horrendous pronounciation. *cringes* Man, why do I keep getting myself into these things?

Also. Creepy Ryan kid tried talking to me (and Mari, although she gave him the patented "Go away and die" look/speech) today. Was creepy. o.O;; No groping, thank god, but "I'm running for social convener and I need help to make some jokes and win over the girls..." (Somethingsomething about gays and bis at our school too, I forgot what ~.~)

Our school also apparently have population graphs. o.O;; We're rising up in the world. Someone up there cares. Population graphs. For one measly little high school. I'm still convinced he made them up himself using last years yearbook.
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