June 10th, 2005



nemkess!!! (Well, nothing catches the eye when skimming an Flist like a link to your username!)

You, love, are never online lately. Or if you are, you are never online at reasonable Steph-can-catch-you times. @.@

You owe me an address. Give me now today soon.

Elsewise I set both Rinoa and Rain-chan on you for delaying their copies of KnT. I refuse to make that many runs to the post office. Bad for the Lazy!Steph when she has to walk around in this heat. x_X;;

In other news, Steph has plans to go into Super Asian 260* mode and dive into her so-far neglected studies. Well. At least she plans. Everyone knows as well as I that whenever I plan something, they never come to fruitition properly.

She also would like to add that she will busy herself with drawing lots and lots of fanart. How well can I multitask? Well I'm going to see! ^-^!

* An arbitrary number pulled right out of my brain merely because I can. And so I can use the word "arbitrary" more often. More people need to use it. I insist.

[EDIT]: It's things like this that are really likely to piss me off. I can handle bad reviews about stuff I like. I can't however, handle a badly written review. And I found it badly written. Not that he lacked punctuation or grammar, but rather because (as kajuijanai put it) "ambiguous", as well as sarcastically ironic (unnecessarily so) and repetitive. His constant complaints of "Hyde's voice is bad bad bad!" rings in my head like a spoiled little boy insisting he's right. Childish, and not a little pathetic.

And he isn't. I've never read such an uninformed review--it's full of mistakes, a few of which kajuijanai pointed out (dear girl that she is), that he does not even answer to (though he replied to her whole comment quite quickly). All said and done, a review is not a review unless you're being respectful. Bashing people just for the sake of bashing people? No no, you lose credibility--fast. A review that lacks a good deal of coherency and points and examples to back you up is not a review either. That's you trying to sound intelligent. I expected something like this to appear in a personal blog of some sort for a disappointed fan and his friends to pout over. I didn't expect crap like this to be posted up publicly on a widely-read site which has some power in swaying many people's opinions. I'd hope for something a little more structured and coherent at least. But no, obviously the level of intelligence required for any piece of journalism has gone considerably downwards since I last thought about being one just a few years ago.
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