June 11th, 2005



The amount of Steph-work done today? Zip. Nada.

Unless you count the title "Music Piracy" I typed at the head of the Word document (that will also most likely be deleted before 12 tonight). >.< WHY CAN I NOT WORK?! I know I could! Just earlier this semester I was in SUPERSTEPH!! mode! And now... now I'm just so intolerably lazy.

This is rather worrisome. As I have a Data project on... possibly Tuesday, that I've had a good deal of the semester to research for, and yet.... nothing. I've got TWO TABLES. And... well.. granted, a couple of sites that have virtually done my project/presentation for me, but that's BESIDES THE POINT!

Our LJ comm seems to have raked in a few more members since I peeked in last. o.O;; Well... I obviously didn't do the pimping, was it you Sarah? Or did they just.... pop out of the snow? Either way, pretty well-done for an LJ comm that has only a "*under construction" sign tacked to it as its one and only post! o.O;;

And now Nem has introduced me to the world of W-inds fanfic. @.@! It's true! It is like crack damn it! I WANT MORE!! *whines*

But but but... another fandom? ;_; I had been resolute! I had been strong! I had only read ONE crazy not-fic where it was Ken(L'Arc) x Ryohei (or it could have been Ryuichi) and that's the closest I ever came!


Oooh and I'm getting it. ^_____^ *trips off gaily for her next hit*

Nem this is ALL YOUR FAULT.

[EDIT]: I found Hyde!Steph pictures on Vicki's camera. I hadn't known they existed. So for any who care, you can witness Hyde!Steph at the mic sans bad vocals.

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And this is the one and only photo Vicki took of the Lamia concert. Actually, afterwards. ;p

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