June 14th, 2005


Another one? Why yes, yes indeed

1) Favourite scent: Sandalwood.
2) Favourite way to relax: Give me music, or give me a good nap and I'll be good for anything.
3) Favourite movie you own: Um... Mulan? @.@
4) Favourite movie you don't already own: Oresama
5) Favourite male movie star: Ewan McGregor
6) Favourite female movie star: Chiaki Kuriyama (for right now, anyway? Can't think)
7) Favourite book genre: Fantasy. No surprise there.
8) Favourite clothing store: ...I haven't the slightest.
9) Favourite non-clothing store: ...Ebay? Does that count?
10) Favourite cartoon / Anime character: Sailor Saturn ;p
11) Favourite CD you own: HYDE - Roentgen
12) Favourite CD you don't already own: L'Arc~en~Ciel - REAL
13) Pass the torch to 5 of your LJ friends: Random clicking of people again. oishii_shumai, f_i_cannibal, slaviour, mastamari, and qtbug

And stiiiiillll haven't done nearly enough work on that presentation. Must work on it tomorrow. And perhaps re-learn how to breathe without coughing. x_X

I still have John Kay's Totoro DVD... I wonder how I can get it back to him? :S
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