June 28th, 2005



Holy hell I'm British.

...Except I'm really not!

But but but... *waves hands* I don't understand it!! Despite what everyone keeps saying whenever I talk, I never heard it! And now I just recorded my voice because I could and the mic was right there and I... sound...

Listen to it for yourself!!! http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=303XGJ31AM807301BBFAPIL9IL

You can ignore the stupid stuff I babble on about. I never know what to say. >.<;;;; Bit pathetic really. But.. @.@! I still can't believe that's me! I sound... funny. ;p
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Drabbles: Fanservice

Note: This was written as a spur-of-the-moment comment-spam from another LJ... c/p-ed with permission for your (possible) enjoyment. They're just snippets of drabbles, really.

This is broken up into two sections. You're free to imagine yourselves in either place... I've left the characters ambiguous enough I think. (Unless you have big hands or something, but that shouldn't deter you I would think!)

I am, however, going to reveal the first "she," merely because I'm shameless and I'm not embarassed about it as the other "she" certainly is. ;p It's meant to be a joke after all. And I'm going to treat it as such!

And this is directed to forbidden lover who appears to have laid claim upon Yuki. Well! *hisses* MINE!! ^_~

("She" is ME ...Just in case you thought otherwise.)

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Something to stem the tide and prove that I am still capable of writing something in a relatively short period of time, giving the right urging. ^_^;; Hope you liked, I haven't proofread or evenly lightly edited any of them at all. Very unlike me. But I'm rather lazy right now. ^^;;
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