July 4th, 2005


Time to Celebrate....

Gackt Day! *blows horn*

...I can just imagine the state of my flist after today... @.@!

^_^ Also! Eight days from now I'll be zipping along overseas towards Hong Kong. *dances* My lack of proper attire for such an adventure notwithstanding, and the horror stories of the weather there, I'm rather excited. I'm thinking that's perhaps a bit masochistic of me... I'm heading off to the most image-conscious, excess-body-fat-is-not-permitted, exercise-and-take-weight-loss-pills-until-you-die place I know. ;p We'll see how I hold up!

Writing, writing, writing. I think I want to write more today. Just 'cause. Which brings to mind the fact that Sarah has STILL not written me my Gundam!pr0n. ;(
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