July 8th, 2005



Father still hasn't come home yet. I worry about him. He's been working too hard lately with his new promotion and he still likes to tutor kids. Thank goodness it's summer so most of them have drifted off. Mum worries about him too. Bad for Mum. ;(

Anyhow! Steph has been holed away in the basement replaying FFX for absolutely no apparent reason. o.O But playing it HAS reminded her that Nelson borrowed Kingdom Hearts more than a year ago and still has not given it back. RAR. Must needs remember to pout at him next time I see him over this. Possibly brave the filth and ransack his (and his housemates, I guess) house. But I WILL GET IT BACK. ~_~!

And.... oh yes! *shakes head* Hair is cut. Layered and light and nowhere near as fluffy as it was before. Which is good. It just looks sad and pitiful when I try to put it up in a ponytail now. ;( Which is sad because I had so a fun ponytail. ^.^

Buying dye on... Saturday, dyeing Sunday. I need an idea as to what color to dye it. Reddish brown or something maybe? *ponders*

....I should start packing. Everyone else is just about done and I haven't started. o.O;; Oops?
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