July 10th, 2005


What kind of person LIES about their cat being set on fire?

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That said, I'm rather ashamed to admit that this issue was on my mind a heck of a lot more than the Londom bombing which killed dozens of people and which seems a heck of a lot more important than one girl lying about her cat, huge LJ drama though it sparked. I do care. But for me, all I've heard about is from my dad mentioning it. Word of mouth, telling me facts. It doesn't hit you the same, doesn't it? Or maybe I'm one of those crazy people who (actually) care more about animals than the whole human population... but I don't think I'm like that, am I? No, I know I'm not.

I had more to say. But they're silly personal things that don't really matter when faced with the rest of the stuff I've gone and posted about. Mostly me pouting at how the first thing my aunt says to me (aunt from HK whom I've not seen in nearly a year) is "Oh my god you need to lose weight!". Well, not really pouting. That involves caring a bit more, and I don't really. ;p

*yawn* 1:30 in the morning now. Not even going to try to formulate coherent sentences. Steph has to go to Toronto tomorrow to buy ginseng apparently. And stuff. Pack too. Mum rescinded promise of buying hair dye for Steph. Expected as much. (Man I hate being cynical about my family sometimes... >.>;;)

Even more tired now. All of you. Go look at my icon. I think it's the shiniest thing in the entire world and I laughed my ass off at it. And I don't know who/where it's from? Anyone know/can tell me so that I can credit?
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I'm amused~

Why? Because I was on the jpopsuki tracker just a little while ago, and this girl had just posted an unofficial bootleg of a 1992 L'Arc concert.

For those of you who aren't members of the forum, this is what I found oh-so-funny.


well abt this upload i just one answer: you are bad.

just read this:

you know that u are mad abt to upload this old an UNOFFICIAL live (u wrote it) why is this bad? well it's easy this is an UNOFFICIAL realese, this means that L'Arc is not winning nothing if u upload this in a tracker.. and worse than in a PUBLIC tracker, why? because "anyone" (not L'Arc fan) can sell the video and win easy money (it's one reason) and other reason is that this is "very easy to anyone" , just click and download it, any effort to try to get it? answer: NO. Abt the unofficial realease, u know that there are ilegal? and u know that this is other reason why the older L'Arc fans just trade them and not share to others?. Well now i'm going to tell you 2 stories abt this, the two ones are real of course.
1. I think that u know abt the live "The other side of heavenly", and u know that this is an unofficial live, well the story is this: L'Arc staff (Sony Ki/oon staff) have the original video, in 1996 someone from the staff make one copy of the live and go to a store to sell it to a high price, and he sold it, so for this u and others can have these live, these store starts to make and sell copies and the live just distribute out quietly without the L'Arc aprobation. What happend to the guy that sold the live? well Sony start a investigation and they find him, and he go to the jail.
2. The other and last story is more recently, from the last year. You know abt L'Arc live in usa at otakon event, well a "fan" from USA recorder it with a Camera and she/he (i don't remember if is male or female) and with the recorded live make a .avi file and uploaded into a tracker (PublicMM tracker) , the file was online a little time and after the link just die. Some days after we know abt the notice why was offline the link, people from Ki/oon know abt this and they start to seek to the one that uploaded the file, and they got he/she. He/she is now on jail i don't know, some "friends" told us abt this and he/she was really scary abt this, because these live Ki/oon will realease officially it soon and this "person" just do a bad thing.

So after the words that i wrote and this stories, do you think that u are a L'Arc~en~Ciel fan? i don't think so. L'Arc Fans want to all people know abt L'Arc, how they do it? telling ways to buy original things (cds, dvds, and all the official things), making websites to show all info abt they (bio, disco, news, etc) and just telling to other how great is their music allways tryng to that everyone buy they things. So for this i think u are not a really L'Arc fan, u are just other "fan" that will die very soon.

This is all.

*giggles* Just needs promise you all, that no, I haven't been hiding my secret real-life as a criminal behind bars because I took a crappy live video for the fangirls. I've been a happy, happy fan just home from Pacific Mall wielding her New World and Jojoushi singles. Janne da Arc's LE Joker CD tempted me, but I resisted! (Mainly because I had no more money to my name...) And L'Arc's AWAKE was sold out. *siiigh* I must try and find it while I am in Hong Kong! Wish me luck! ^_~

Only Monday left now. *busies self again*
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