August 1st, 2005


^_^ Missed me?

I'm baaack after a near week-long stint without the Internet.

Actually, now that I think of it, 'twas probably not much more than a few days, but that was about half an hour of rushing to find out hotel dates, talking to Victor because he's such a cutie and I heart him, and answering my flat-mates' emails. Of which, when I checked my email, there were about 8 in queue. @.@

But hey, guess what guys? Flight's tomorrow. I'm going home. ^_^ That'll call for an enormous post of some sort so that I can put down the craploads of stuff I've seen/done/etc. just because my memory is horrible, and how else can I make myself remember? For now, I'm just going to bask in the niceness that is having Internet access (albeit at 1:30 in the morning and I'm really, really sleepy because this trip has made me a law-abiding citizen of "GO TO SLEEP AT 10!!" believe it or not) and in the gorgeous city lights of Tsim Sha Tsui. That's the IFC building right there across the harbour, outside my window! And if that isn't enough of a pretty night scene for any city girl, there's a huge backdrop of a giant green, green mountain right behind that part of the city just to balance it. So nice. I think I love this city.

More to write, so much more to write. But if I do, I won't stop until I've written it all down, and I can't remember all the names of all the places, and of course I, being me, want those readily at hand first before I tell of my first voyage out of the country (America doesn't count, since you don't need a passport to get in it).

I'm bringing back a mishmash of things, some for other people, some for me. I swear I've near fallen in love with the CD stores here. I was near making the HMV (it's just down a street or two from here) my home. So much stuff. So much. Such love.

Since it's two in the morning now and I've got a lot of stuff to pack up and drag onto a plane tomorrow, that's it from Steph tonight (unless of course I cave and actually end up doing that survey o' Rainchan's). Wish me a safe journey, or I'll never forgive you! >:(

......All right, I caved

Stolen from Rainchan.

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P.S. If I randomly disappeared on you whilst I was talking to you on MSN and you were on the verge of confessing your eternal love for me, I'm sorry. Blame the hotel's internet access, it REALLY doesn't like MSN. Keeps kicking me off, not letting me sign on... I can't sign onto Pieces either, even though my cookies are working fine and everything. o.O;; Who wants to tell me how the realm of that section of fandom is doing? ^^;;