August 11th, 2005



Gaaaaah. The little Laruku muses in my head won't follow their orders!! ;_; The band wasn't supposed to know about Hyde's infidelity until Megumi TOLD THEM SO. And now they've had to flaunt their own intelligence and be able to put two and two together and.... gaah, my small bits of the third chapter don't match the lots of stuff I've written for the second... which means I have to change said small bits.

Bah. Only Gackt follows the plan. *snuggles against him* Him in all his overpowering evilness. I do love Sexy!Evil!Gackt here. ^-^!

But yes. And aside from that, and the fact that I've miraculously chalked up near a thousand words today when I've barely put in 10 all last week... I've finally gone and made a writing/art journal!

But it's got nothing in it right now. So I'm not going to showcase it. ^^;; It's embarassingly simple in layout because Steph is only a novice and anything more would require me to tear out my hair by the roots. And I like my hair. So I'd rather not.

...This was a pointless entry. But I haven't felt like writing one in a while, so I figured to do so while I'm still able. *yawns*

P.S. Pride is an awesome show. I love. I love love love love love.
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All right, since everyone's talking about it...

L'Arc had their live in Nagoya.

This is Hyde. He wears a red shirt.
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This is Hyde. He is now the pope.
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This is also Hyde. Now he's a Nazi.
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There. Get over it girls, they're just clothes. You didn't mind it when Madonna and co. tromped into some party or other in suchlike robes right when the Pope got sick, you didn't mind it when all the other V-kei bands decked themselves out in suchlike uniforms, stop being offended now. Is it no longer possible to enjoy music and a concert experience without judging each and every thing about it? Godsall. x_X;;