August 22nd, 2005



It's light out. It's freakin' light out, the sky's blue, I can see the tree in the front yard. It's six in the freakin' morning, why am I awake? I was going to go to bed at three and I thought THAT was little enough sleep already! How on Earth did I stretch it until dawn?!

Ugh and I have to get up at 10... four hours of sleep. After only five last night. W00T.

....I'm insane. x_X

Twee, manga

One gets used to this lack-of-sleep business, I think. I'd rather not like to, as I'm a lazy little kitten and likes sleeping at odd hours of the day/night. Whole insomnia deal these past few nights have not been to Steph's benefit.

Oh well! In the midst of occupying my mind with newly acquired manga, I went and discovered something.

...Well, not really, I saw picture and made connection.

I'm in the midst of reading Akuma De Sourou, and look what I found!

Collapse )

^-^ Sexy bastard.

In other, yet related, news... I've finally amassed enough posts to be elevated to a Regular Otaku, which means I have now been able to download as much of NANA as they had. Now I need from vol. 9 on. ^-^ Not bad!

Right. Back to my playing with complex numbers. ^^;

[EDIT]: I forgot something else that'll be a bit more noticeable. Steph's going to be a redhead. (Er, dark red, not... hmm... Meagan-red.)
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