October 13th, 2005



So. It happened again.

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In other news, that whole fear-of-failure thing is rearing its ugly head. :S
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So anyway, Bill Gates is here. Yes here, as in actually here in Waterloo. He's over at Hagey Hall right now answering questions and being interviewed and all that jazz in front of a crowd of over 650 people. All the overflow are all sitting around a screen in the SLC watching--that's about another 500. Wow.

I had a class over at Hagey's this morning, and as I was coming out, I heard the BEST conversation:

"OMG do you think Bill will like this shade of lipstick?"

(Note: Her lipstick was some sort of soft sparkly pink)
(Second note: They were quite near the end of the line, no way would they have been in seeing distance of any shade of lipstick unless it be electric blue or something)

"I have no idea--do you think my shirt's okay? It's not too slutty, is it? Come ON guys, I need your help here!! But I guess even if it is that's okay I mean like it doesn't matter so much if he can see me, right?"

...Snicker snicker. People make me laugh. And then I'm just bidden to mock them.

[EDIT]: Oh my god, I've got all of a calculus assignment to finish by today and just because Jezebel Red came on my playlist, I got the random urge to go and visit Nautibitz--and promptly was led to reading Older which I hadn't yet and which is bloody hot. Oh fuck...

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