October 26th, 2005



Steph has two major assignments due tomor--erm... later this morning, and she has about half of one done, and half of the other done. Is Steph working rapidly to remedy this problem?

...No, she's drawing/coloring. Oh, this cannot be a good sign...

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Lookit, anyhow. Crappy webcam pics beats the time I'd waste scanning at any rate, so... *shrug?* I'm a bit apathetic right now. I had my nervous breakdown earlier today, thank you very much.

Went to one class out of three. Bad, bad kitten. Messed up royally on the midterm I'm sure. Erika appeared at my door earlier tonight and handed me my keys. Oh my keys. My blessed, blessed, huggable keys. *nuzzles them*

...Even though I don't know where they've been. *horror*
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Because otherwise I'll forget. Anyway, I was talking on webcam with an old friend of mine (we hadn't talked in months/years) because I was also working on my assignments at the same time too.

And so the conversation goes on, and it goes like this:

Steph: Yes, and I'm living an alcohol-free life up here in the sticks. ;p
Nick: *has this odd look on his face* Yeah.. well I guess that's a good thing, what with your condition and all....
Steph: *blinks* What condition? (aside: I have a bad feeling about the direction of this conversation....)
Nick: *waves hands a little* You know... alcohol's not good for the baby...
Steph: ...Mon Dieu.
Nick: What?
Steph: I'm... not pregnant...
Nick: *incredulous look* You're fucking kidding me.
Steph: Ah... no?
Nick: Just look at you! How could you not be?
Steph: *aghast*

Okay, first a 30+ year old Campus police guy hits on me when I go into Campus Police to ask about my keys (this was yesterday, but I was so busy complaining about other things it slipped my mind--odd), then an old friend of mine thinks I've got a bun in the oven. I'm overweight I know, but damn it I'm not THAT bad! @.@

Why is the world trying so hard to make me hate men? Jesus. o.O;

On the upside, they found my keys.
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