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01 November 2005 @ 02:08 am
As I've said before, wearing a short skirt is a horrible idea for a Hallowe'en night. Goddamn if I'm stupid enough to disobey my own pre-set rules just because I was demanded to. So yeah.

Anyway. Steph was assaulted. Kind of. I don't know if what happened was grounds for assault but it was pretty damned terrifying. I was over at UWP, since I'd walked there after my (terrible) exam as that was where Florence had said we'd meet up, despite the fact that I knew the boys were studying. Well she certainly wasn't there, and they were studying so I felt horrible for being there and bothering them. Eventually she showed up and began complaining... just.. yeah there was a lot of complaining to be had this night.

This led to us deciding to leave. So we were leaving. And realized it was pouring outside. So since Florence didn't want to slog through the rain across campus back to our residences, we went back up. She almost called Cherry over, which I was rather against since night + girl = bad, and yeah she didn't end up coming, but it was decided upon it was high time to leave. And by that time I was getting sick of being yelled at and feeling bad about being a nuisance. So we didn't end up waiting for Laurence, which was my whole idea in the first place, and just walked. Two girls in short skirts at 1 in the morning is not a fucking good idea. I said as much. But anyway, UW campus is safe enough I figured we'd only get a few cars honking at us and maybe some lewd comments. I can handle those. And we did, but they aren't important in the least.

Basically what happened was that Florence went off to her res through the V1 caf. I had to walk a little ways longer... not hardly a lot, so I speedwalked through. There were a few people still out, near the V1 caf entrance, so when I figured "okay, just keep going". And then when I'm almost through the closed-in area of V1, two guys walk in and up to me.

They said a bunch of stuff and were laughing so I tried to ignore them and walk past. But then one of them grabbed me by the shirt (by Ronsen's shirt in fact, I'd borrowed it to try and avoid just this kind of trouble--obviously it wasn't enough) and then he grabbed my breast. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to bruise, he grabbed so hard. But the two of them were laughing at me, and then I jerked away and I kicked him as hard as I could. And he let go and kind of... crumpled on the ground. His friend was still laughing but I was terrified that he would come running after me too so I just ran for home as fast as I could. I hit the stairs of MKV before I turned back and there was no one following me so I slowed down enough and... yeah. But oh god there were PEOPLE there... I thought I'd yelled loud enough that someone heard. But I don't think anyone did. Gahh.

So yeah. Maybe not assault, but I was fucking scared. And I have to walk through there again tomorrow night after Econ. And I'll be getting my exam mark back in that class too. Oh god I don't want to go. And now I can't stop crying, no matter how hard I pretend otherwise. This has been a terrible night.