January 12th, 2006


I'm still alive

Hello all. I realized that I haven't posted here in ages. So now I will update you on all the useless goings-on in my life.

A) Steph failed all three core courses. But apparently that doesn't matter. o.O; Go figure.
B) Christmas was terrible. See A) for reason.
C) Christmas Day was made slightly better because Steph got to rummage around Nelson's house in Hamilton and see a room that is far messier than mine, as well as the fact that we had lots of people over whom I love, and we watched Advent Children on a gigantic screen (aka the wall)
D) Steph didn't find a co-op job. So she went and handed out resumés and landed a job at Bentley's.
E) Steph worked today. She was also sick today. This means that work was not fun.

...The end? *can't think, is ill*