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20 February 2006 @ 09:05 pm

That's right folks, I'm packing up my bags as I type (because I'm skilled like that) and getting ready to leave. This kitten's new temporary home is a condo in the depths of the Toronto area.

...Which basically means I haven't moved very far. But 'tis far enough.

As explanation: Steph has a co-op job! Yes. Yes she does. Cheer for me, all of you. ^_~ I start tomorrow. Let us hope I can wake up. And look... erm... decent. o.O;

...And don't royally screw up. Because I'm sure I'm quite capable of doing that. @.@;

[EDIT]: Change of plans (because that happens a lot with Steph too). I'm staying at home for tonight, then tomorrow morning I shall have to get up abysmally early in order to race all the way down there in order to be at work by 9:30. Then, since Paul is being stupid and gone down to play in the USA, I'm living closer to Steeles and Bathurst for a few days which means finding a different route. @.@
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Current Music: w-inds. - IT'S IN THE STARS