February 23rd, 2006



I just had some girl review one of my (--actually... it's the only one I have currently up) fics on FF.net. Why I am masochistic enough to return to that mass of hyena frenzy is beyond me to fully understand myself, but there I am.

Now normally I wouldn't mind reviews. Hell, I'm a feedback whore. I love them. They give me such warm, fluffy bunny feelings when I check my email and there's a string of replies. But this girl decided to go ahead and submit a review. Seven fucking times. What the bloody fuck?

"hello there! well the story is good wrtten indeed but i should ask you
to correct the dates, for i think your setting the stpry after endless
waltz right then it should be 198 AC (you also have to take in count
thta the nedless wltz was taken in decmeber 24 of that year) and not 196
AC andheero i really can't believe he let that al slip but I'll let
that be besides that your story is lovely so do update soon

...Trying to comprehend that gave me a headache. And when I figured it out, I rolled my eyes. I may get many things wrong, improper grammar and run-on sentences being a large point-in-fact, but I'll be damned if I don't double-triple-quadruple check my dates and my timelines. Especially with this fic. (Which, I've just remembered, I have not posted on LJ. That clinches it. Steph has truly gone over the edge into madness.

...And shrieking hyenas. ~_~;