March 30th, 2006



I've been on eBay a lot lately. Not buying stuff, I don't want to spend money. But laughing at things is almost as fun.

Toshiya art for Sale

...*bursts into peals of laughter*

I don't mean to be bitchy, especially since the last post I made was regarding low self-esteem. But... honestly. HAHAHAHA. The extent of some people's egos sometimes really baffles me. But honestly. I mean... $50+ for what looks like a crayon drawing? My little sister can draw better than that.

...Although admittedly, my sister can actually draw pretty well...

But that's besides the point.

X JAPAN All Live Complete Box

Okay. That is one sweet-ass shiny box. I'd be tempted to buy just the box.

But... do these people honestly believe that's real merchandise? o.O; Do bands really try and distribute concert recordings bootlegs of their own music? @.@;

...I want to buy things. I have the money. But the sight of my Visa bill is already going to make me hide in shame. And now I'm going to bed.